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Annual Program

The Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute has an exciting program planned for 2017. The educational planning and delivery has been designed to be attractive to GP Practice Teams. Online Streaming Available for meetings highlighted in blue font.

  • HPMI Newcastle Weekend
  • 200 Years of Parkinsons Disease
  • SNAP Day (Smoking, Nutritrion, Alcohol and Physical Exercise)
  • Practical Procedures Day - various specialty's
  • Diabetes Day
  • 3 Updates - Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine in General Practice and Women's Health
  • Certificate Courses - CPR, Triage, Managing Complex Wounds, Dealing with Difficult Patients, Paediatric & Neonatal Resusciation, Ear Pathology & Wax Management, Skin Excisions
  • 3 Advanced Life Support Certificate Courses
  • 3 Mirena Insertion Courses
  • Nursing CPD meetings
  • Cluster CPD meetings in areas and times suitable to your practice - FREE
  • Practice Administration CPD meetings
  • Online Shared Obstetrics Care Course *
  • Online Geriatrics Course *
  • Online Ear Irrigation Course *
  • Online Wound Closure Course *
  • Online Hand Cleansing Course
  • Online Seminar Archives from 2007 to 2017

* Complements a Face to Face meeting

HPMI will also be organising the Annual Surgical Meeting on behalf of the Hunter Surgical Society on 4 March 2017

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